Irish Doctors take on The Medical Council – Iconoclast 5

Directed by @RylandMedia, in association with The Irish Inquiry and hosted by Sara Haboubi. In this discussion, Irish GP’s Gerry Waters, Pat Morrissey and Vincent Carroll talk about the dealings they’ve had with the Irish Medical Council over the past 2 years. There are some serious allegations made.

4 thoughts on “Irish Doctors take on The Medical Council – Iconoclast 5

  1. I’d a perfectly good heart checked out by a professor in Vincent’s March 2021 then I had my 4th jab (Moderna all the rest were Phizer) following year, 2022 got palpitations within a few hours was very unwell for a few days gp sent me back up to Vincent’s more heart tests took ages to get report, when I insisted they find it about a week later they “found” it – 26 page report, i was invited in to tell me and immediately put on heart tablets for Ariel Defibulation etc. I was so upset. When I said it must be the jab- my gp insists it’s my age- 80.
    I’ve never felt the same after my 4th jab and council anyone who asks me to keep well away from any vaccines.
    I’ve never in my life had any heart probs until the 4th vaccine. The doctors response made me disrespect the whole profession.

    1. Hi Carol. So sorry to hear about this, we hear this a lot when we are out with the public. There are some people who are looking to bring a case for the vaccine injured. You can contact them here We will be outside the Dail on Thursday 15th June with some vaccine injured people telling their stories. Hope you can come along and we can have a chat in person.

  2. I highly applaud these doctors for their honesty and integrity. I’ve only found this site today and am so grateful. I am not jabbed. I started going down the rabbit hole over three years ago as my intuition told me all this cover 19 baloney was not a pandemic but a pandemic. It’s a war between good and evil and God wins. Thank you so much to these three doctors and I know there are so many more. You will all be vindicated.

    1. Hi Mary thank you for your comment. We are trying our best to get the word out to the ones that need to hear us. We would be very grateful if you would share some of the videos with those who might be ready to listen.

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